my story

finding my place

My story began as a child with big visions of painting a beautiful cat. I could see it in my mind but it turned out nothing like that.

I continued with drawing and the occasional painting but it wasn’t until later in life that I had the time and interest to return to art.

That’s where my journey unfolded in an interesting way.

Each step and process i  experimented with led to the next evolution, until i found what i was always looking for.

I now work from my studio in Adelaide, working together with pet lovers to create a personalised portrait of their beloved pet.

I adore all my pets (past and present) and how much they mean to me.

By creating portraits of pets, I honour that special relationship  that lasts a lifetime.

Some Highlights

I have participated in SALA (South australia Living Artists) for many years, as well as community exhibitions.

It was an absolute honour to receive the People’s Choice award for my pastel dog artwork, shown here; in a Pastel Artists of SA exhibition.

The Team


Studio Assistant


Studio Assistant

small poodle


Studio Assistant


Office Assistant

perfection guaranteed

“I take pride in my work and am committed to making each of my clients happy.”