Ordering your portrait

My process of creating a pet portrait involves studying multiple photographs of your pet so I can get to know their true personality. While a photograph can capture a single moment in time, a one of a kind, hand-drawn portrait of your pet captures their heart and soul and the special quality that makes them unique.

I will work with you to create a beautiful artwork of your pet.

The first step is to choose a photo.

When looking through your photos, consider:
  • Lighting – check there is not too much shadow which obscures detail.
  • Fur – does it look like the actual colour or is light affecting it? A good photo will also show fur direction clearly.
  • Eyes – these are generally the focal point, so check your photo shows the true eye colour.
  • Distance – a close up photo allows for more detail than if the pet is too far in the distance.
If there isnt one photo that captures everything about your pet, it’s not a problem!

Several photos can be used to capture the essence of your pet in a portrait.

Similarly, a ‘fur-family’ portrait can be created from several different photos as this pair were.

Next step…

Decide which size portrait you would like – refer to ‘Pricing’ tab.

If you would like the drawing in colour (pastel pencils) then choose a paper colour. Click on the button below.

If you are not sure which colour paper, I am happy to create a ‘mock up’ on different backgrounds.

Then…get in touch!

Alternatively, complete the ‘Contact’ form and I will get in touch with you.

What happens next?

Once all the details are finalised, your portrait will be scheduled in. Then I will confirm all the details prior to starting on the portrait just in case you would like to change any preferences.

Then I pick up my pencils and the portrait comes to life!

Progress photos are emailed throughout so that you can see the portrait take shape and also to obtain your thoughts and feedback to ensure you will be totally satisfied with the end result.

How long will it take?

As the portraits are very detailed, they can take approximately 3 – 6 weeks depending on size, complexity and current workload. Special timing requirements can be discussed, however keep in mind that rushing a portrait will not produce a beautiful result.

In this situation, a Gift Certificate might be something to consider.

More about Gift Certificates…

A Gift Certificate can be a unique experience for the recipient to be involved in the process of having a pet portrait created for them.

It also gives them the opportunity to choose the photo they would like for the portrait and the option to upgrade size or include another pet.

The Certificate can feature a photo of the pet along with the details of the portrait size, who it is from and the recipient’s name. The Gift Certificate is payable upfront, and the artwork can begin as soon as possible.

A Gift Certificate makes an ideal ‘last minute’ special gift