My early portraits were drawn in charcoal pencil, which in fact, isn’t any easier than using pastel pencils. Rather than working out what colour to use, one has to closely observe the subtleties of tone.

So, looking through my records and photos, the honour belongs to Simba and Bailey, back in 2017. Simba and Bailey belong to the same family (shown here is Simba). I still love his cheeky face which is why he is one the front of my business cards!

After these two, the third portrait was for another feline. This time, it was Lollypopl. I remember this one was a Christmas gift and the tears when I delivered it to Lollypopl’s mum.

Looking back at these portraits, I still love them.

At times it can be bittersweet but knowing how loved these pets are, makes it all worthwhile.

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