From Photo to Exquisite Pet Portrait

I will personally work with you to create an artwork of your pet that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Choose a photo

This is not easy!!

Consider photos that show your pet close to you, preferably at eye level.

The eyes should be clear to see with details as this is the focal point of your portrait.

Also consider fur detail and if the lighting conditions are altering the actual fur colour.

I will help you choose the best photo.

Choose a paper colour

Pastel pencil portraits are drawn on special paper surfaces that are available in a range of colours.

The paper colour can contrast with the pet’s fur to create an eye catching artwork.

Additionally, you could choose a colour that matches your decor.

I will assist you with this choice and creating mock ups are an easy way for you to visualise the result.

Which size ?

Pastel pencil portraits are available in A5, A4 or A3 sizes and are measured out to fit into standard off-the-shelf frames.

Please refer to the Pricing button to the left.

What happens next?

Once you decide to go ahead with your special pet portrait, a deposit will secure your spot on the list.

I will reconfirm everything prior to starting.

Once the artwork is under way I will send progress updates enabling you to ask any questions.